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Hello! My name is Natash Robenga and i am an events organiser from Romania! It has always been my dream to take my events business with me and that’s exactly what i have done.

I specialise unique events that require a keen eye for detail. Although it feels like starting from scratch because i don’t have any contacts in the U.K i have lots of support from my friends and family over in Romania.

I’m really looking forward to my venture in the U.K and i hope anyone reading this will would be very kind to connect with me. My business will not be up and running here for another 6 months but my website will be up and running so you can get to know me.

I currently live in a small apartment in Windsor where i will start building up my power-base relationships. I am very much interested in all elements of design whether it is website design and development, architecture and interior design.

Still here?

Thanks for getting this far it shows that your slightly interested in me so i would just like to take this moment to tell YOU that i’m very interested in YOU and i would love for you to either leave me a comment or send me an email so that we can connect.

Carrying on…

Along this new venture i am going to be sharing my thoughts and creating articles of my pleasant experiences within Windsor, the friends that i have made and anything else related to moving forward in life… hey anything positive i mean.

It’s been a great pleasure to write this first post on my U.K website i look forward to speaking with any of my visitors. Have a wonderful day =)


Natasha x


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