Creamfields (Daresbury)


Hey guys Natasha here i hope everyone is doing great i know i am.. i’m settling in now and making some friends which is brilliant and my business is starting to kick off.

In this post i wanted to talk about creamfields, one of my friends really bigged this event up saying it is one of the worlds biggest electronic festivals. He also added about the size of the stages and the huge tents that look like ancient landmarks from far away. This got me interested so i decided to do some research on “creamfields” and i have to say this place looks amazing. 

What interests me though is the amount of organisation and planning that is needed for an event of this size. Events of this caliber must be handled by professionals who know what they are doing.

The safety for festival goers is a number one priority for event planners.. This event welcomes over 70,000 festivals goers over the coarse of three days so well thought planning is imperative.

It seems that Daresbury loves to rain in the month of August and i have found that in the last six years that only 1 of these weekends actually had a few rays of sunshine. So for revelers to still turn up year after year this festival must be worth getting messy for.

The next festival is in August just less than two months away, and i am being bombarded with requests by my friend insisting that i should join him.. who knows maybe i will. I do usually take every chance i get to strengthen relationships and meet new people so hey why not?

Legendary Lighting…

Creamfields is well know for its “legendary” lighting effects and stage performances, this equipment is sourced from other countries the specialise in world class effects. Another excellent feature at creamfields is the compressed air that shoot out smoke almost like how steam trains do (scary).


Did someone say celebrity’s?

So Zack (my friend) has told me that example performs there most years and that he is one of the best acts to watch as he really gets the crowd pumped up. I think we can all agree that we only live once so we should live life to its fullest and enjoy every minute of it.

Creamfields 2015 i’ll see you their =)

Natasha x




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