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Hey guys hope your doing well in this post i wanted to talk about a couple of relationships i have build the past couple of weeks.

I’m now becoming more advanced in the field of web design thanks to Zack and Hazel and i now have the confidence to build advanced WordPress sites.

Zack insisted that i Skyped with his friend/mentor over in Staffordshire to learn more about search engine optimisation. His name is Shane Adams and he is a great guy, the reason i have linked over to his site is because that’s exactly what he talked me through when we spoke.

His search engine optimisation page has so much useful and easy to digest content that gives you a good understanding about what SEO involves.

I also spoke with his amazing partner Jessica who is a great writer you should check here out here’s her Facebook link.

So what i learnt from the Skype conversation with Shane is that there are three main areas to focus on with SEO and they are as follows.

SEO “Ingredients”

  1. Content (keywords)
  2. Directories (Business Listings)
  3. Backlinks (Other Websites Linking to Yours)

I was shocked when he broke it down to me like that but that is the “secret sauce”. One thing i have noticed when i have done my own research is i couldn’t find any other resources backing up his directories ingredient. Shane referred to the as “citations” – business listing on online directories. Who knows…


I’m looking forward to what the next few months hold as the count down to Christmas begins, i’m hopeful that i will have my first client this month i just need to go and prospect and spread the word (wish me luck).

Natasha x



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