Happy New Year!!!!!

happy new year

Wooo happy new year guys!

I have had an amazing Christmas this year my friends are awesome, they have been so generous to me. I have also been very busy this Christmas with work because our new business is taking us everywhere!

Zack and i are now in a relationship 😀 It happened really fast but right from the start there was a connection there. He told me since the first day he met me he had strong feelings towards me, how cute. We actually share an apartment together now and he likes to cook for me, tonight is fajita night! (my favorite).

I’m going to try and post more this year hopefully as i start earning more time and freedom through my hard work!

What would you guys like me to write about?

Have any suggestions or anything you would like to know about me? Send me an email with your request and i’d be happy to do a post by requests =).


The plan for tonight is to “netflix and chill” according to Zack i’m still not quite sure the meaning of it but i guess it’s to watch films and chill?

The studio is coming along well, we have our work areas set up and a good routine going, my skills are becoming more advanced by the week which is mind blowing!

Okay so we’re now going to watch ice age it was nice to write this post.

Happy New Year everyone!

Natasha x

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