What You Need To Know About Double Glazing

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What You Need To Know About Double Glazing


Hey guys, i recently upgraded to double glazing on my home, so I thought I would share with you a useful article I put together of the whole experience, hope you like it. The company I used was Complete Glazing.

Double glazing is famously known as a glazing process in which a window is manufactured using two panes of glass in a space which is found within them. The space that is between the glass is mostly between 0.63 to 0.75 inches and 16-19 mm wide.

In a lot of cases, the air is trapped amongst the panes and therefore, ends up forming a layer of insulation. Moreover, before the unit is sealed, professionals use a drying agent to ensure that there is no moisture available in the finished glass unit.


However, one thing to note about double glazing is that if there is condensation, then that means there is a leak somewhere. This entails the fact that the windows cannot be repaired. Therefore, if there is condensation, the units must entirely be replaced. Double glazing is responsible for stopping the heat loss along with the cost of the windows. It will often pay for itself quickly as the homeowners can save a lot of money on the heating bills once they are using double glazing windows. Once installed, the heating costs should drop by 10 – 12 percent.


On the other hand, double glazing is also very beneficial for the environment. Homes are responsible for causing 28 percent of the entire carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, replacing single pane windows with double glazed windows will help in reducing the emissions and fight with energy loss. Therefore, aside from saving on heating bills, the windows will be great in cutting down on internal condensation and noise pollution as well.



Once we have talked about what double glazing is, it is not the time to talk about the windows for double glazing and how much do they cost.


The following are the prices of double glazed windows in the UK:


Single opener casement (600mm x 900m)- Using white material uPVC will start from £200. The single opener casement (1200 mm  1200 mm) with white uPVC will start from £300, the single opener casement with 940 mm x 1600 mm covered with white uPVC will cost £450 and the full house casement (for a 3 bedroom house with 12 windows) double glazed using white uPVC will start from £4500+.


Double glazing, therefore, is an affordable option and even if some might think that the initial cost of installing it are high, we should think and start believing that these are more of a one-time cost. You don’t have to pay much once these windows are installed. Secondly, the benefits of double glazed windows will allow you to save up on energy and other costs. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the expenses incurred because you will cover them anyway.


There are other benefits of double-glazing as well. Double glazing works as a cooler in the summer season and works to insulate your home against extreme temperature. It also reduces noise and condensation.


Double glazing is thought to be a one time investment and it is believed that homeowners will eventually benefit from installing them as their benefits will outweigh the costs in the medium- long run.

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