Natasha Robenga


I was born in Romania and have lived their for 24 years.


Climbing, Web Design, Design, Events, Event Planning, Socialising, Tennis, Reading and Computers.


Growing up in Romania wasn’t exactly easy, life is tough over there, this gave me drive and ambition to better my life. At the age of 17 started working in catering and helping out with small events. Gradually i progressed onto bigger events and eventually became a manager.

This is where i became a responsible person and learnt lots of valuable lessons in life, for me the most important is being “likable” meaning that clients would feel easy around me, almost relaxed like we were friends talking.

Following on from that i plucked up the courage to become my own boss and take charge of my life, this is where everything changed, i started to get recognised as someone who made it.

Having had a successful 10 years of business in the events industry i was ready to move on to bigger things. The U.k was calling me so i had to learn English. For six years i studied hard and i mean real hard to be able to speak fluent English and to read and write.

My life is now a roller coaster now that i’m living in the U.K life is so different and i couldn’t be more grateful. My goal now is to build a profitable business here so that i can bring my family over to live with me.

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